Trish Causey for U.S. Congress -
                              Mississippi's 4th District for the U.S.
                              House of Representatives

"When women succeed, America succeeds." ~ President Obama,
The State of the Union Address, 2014

I'm Trish Causey, and I am not a politician.  I am an activist.

I'm a life-long artist and grassroots activist. In 2014, I plan to win the House of Representatives' seat for Mississippi's 4th District, becoming the first woman ever to represent Mississippi in the United States Congress.  I am a self-employed single mom and an outspoken advocate for human rights issues, particularly women's rights. 

Congress currently spends most of its time legislating women's bodies, hurting the poor, and enabling the capitalist vultures of the 1%.  Congress needs to focus on urgent issues like jobs, the economy, equal pay, saving Social Security, reversing poverty, boosting education, repealing the Patriot Act, reigning in the NSA, and helping our veterans, to name a few.  Getting the money out of politics is a priority as well.

I am pro-choice, pro-living wage, pro-marriage equality,
pro-union, pro-GMO labeling, pro-immigration reform, pro-marijuana legalization, and pro-sensible gun legislation.  To read more about what I stand for, read this post on my Trish4Congress blog: Trish Causey for U.S. Congress in 2014: Who I Am & Where I Stand on Issues.

Currently, this House of Representatives seat is held by Steven Palazzo (R), who opposed the Violence Against Women Act and would not approve federal help for victims of Hurricane Sandy until he traveled to the area personally, not to mention his ethics' issues involving turning over his accounting firm, questionable use of Congressional staff for personal reasons, and aligning with the Tea Party.

I want to be "The People's Representative."  Mississippi needs a Representative who cares about Mississippi's post-Katrina/post-BP oil spill economy, broken educational system, dire health statistics, and overall future.

The people of Mississippi deserve better than elected officials who function as puppets for the GOP's good ol' boys club.  Vote for me, Trish Causey, in 2014.  Thank you!

Read Trish's blog:   Trish4Congress

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